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Yamaha R15 Bigbore Cylinder Kit (60mm)

  1. As we’ve said, you get a boost for both horsepower and torque, and throughout the entire power band
  2. This is the most effective way to boost the engine performance
  3. It’s also among the most affordable ways to boost engine performance, as many other modifications are much more expensive
  4. This improvement is available for 4-stroke motorcycles. You’ll get the additional power you need, whether for just trail riding or for serious racing
  5. NMW Performance Racing will do the rest, including boring, sleeving, or replating the cylinder to the new size. Modifications will be made to the power valves, should they be necessary for the valves to work properly with the bigger bore size. In some cases, the cylinder head will have to be re-chambered to the right volume and compression ratio
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