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NMW Performance Racing is India’s leading high-performance motorcycle components’ development and distribution brand. We operate from our well-stocked warehouse, supplying parts worldwide by mail order and through our network of dealers.

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For around 30 years, Nisar Khan has been the dynamic force behind NMW Performance Racing. Starting out as the owner, rider, and tuner of NMW Performance Racing, he garnered more than sufficient knowledge in all three areas to become the most sought after man in the business today. Untiring in his effort to win, he is widely acclaimed for his ability to manage all aspects of a successful racing operation.

The NMW Performance Racing story started way back in 1990 at the height of the two-stroke motorcycle era. We started with tuning and racing those machines and then moved with the times to racing and tuning four-stroke motorcycles.

It is no coincidence that many of the top racing teams use our products in their motorcycles. All our products are tested and evaluated thoroughly before they make it into our portfolio. We only distribute products with the finest pedigree, simply meaning, you can buy and use them with the utmost confidence.

We retail high-quality, high-performance components for motorcycles, that we have derived and developed from our racing experience. We focus on offering a complete service for the brands that we represent, attempting to give instant availability, full spare parts back up, and in-depth technical support. Our dedicated team of well-trained, experienced staff is on hand to take trade inquiries and offer technical advice.

Our website is dedicated to providing the widest range of the best performance parts for your motorcycle at the click of a button. Do check the site often as we are working round the clock, adding and updating this website and our portfolio to bring you the best motorcycle performance parts from around the world and ship it to any part of the world.

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